Date or Dare


7 min   clown  physical theatre  audience participation

Russian romantic clown looking for love and family

while trying his bestest at being sexy!


Love is Love

3 min   clown  physical theatre  dance

A clown  goes on a date with a … lamp!

There is a spark at the end



Loved by you

3 or 7 min   clown  drag  aerial hoop  physical theatre

A cleaning lady falls in love at first sight and marries the lucky guy

Aerial hoop routine can be added

"I cried, I laughed, and I wanted more of that!"
 Lilya Sultanova 



Diva Plavalaguna

5 min   clown  drag physical theatre  adult bouffon dance

A cleaning lady fulfills her dream to Diva it out on stage!    



Red fantasy

4 min   clown  physical theatre  adult  bouffon  dance

Let the red, a fluid and open minded creature,

take you to the sexiest side of yourself


Freddy the Queen

4  min   clown  physical theatre  parody  impersonation

Red pays a killer tribute to a music legend Freddie Mercury


Belly dance

5 min  clown   drag   dance  burlesque

The audience is hypnotized by the charm of a beautiful

and seductive dancer with a secret to reveal


Big Mama

5 min  clown  drag dance  

There is no better way to get the grooving. Big mamma is in the house and she is feeling groovy, so dance everybody.  





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