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SINCE 1917

Enjoy an evening in a kitchen of a communal apartment in Moscow with seven Russians engaging in real life conflicts around everyday issues: gays and homophobes, working class macho guys and intellectuals, women and men. They fight, drink, and talk about immigration, human rights, the Sochi Olympic Games, Putin, the Ukraine, and gays.


Sit around a table and have a drink with some very real/imagined Russians in Russia today!


A collective creation from an idea by Yury Ruzhyev.

Directed by  Sky Gilbert.


Cast and Creators:

Andrew Cromwell, Peggy Mahon, Julia Porter, Andrew Pimento,

Sean Pratt, Yury Ruzhyev, Matthew Sarookanian.


Genre: Drama / Comedy


Warnings: Mature language, Sexual content, Fighting.


60 min


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KOMUNKA, or a communal apartment (Russian: коммуналка, коммунальная квартира, kommunalka) appeared in the Soviet Union following the Russian revolution 1917. Communal apartments emerged as a response to the housing crisis in urban areas and were a product of the “new collective vision of the future”. A communal apartment was typically shared between two to seven families. Each family had its own room, which served as a living room, dining room, and bedroom for the entire family. The hallways, kitchen, bathroom and telephone were shared among all the residents. The communal apartment was the predominant form of housing in the USSR for generations, and still exist in “the most fashionable central districts of large Russian cities.”

 Big Russian Encyclopedia


What's going on in every day life in a communal apartment

             THE PLAYERS

Meet the tenants of Komunka

            THE PLOT

Sinopsis and focus of the play


Time and dates when you can see the perfomance of the play Komunka

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